Odoo is a management system for all company resources. Odoo provides opportunities for sales administration, reporting, accounting, as well as personnel management, production, distribution, logistics and other processes. It is designed to improve the efficiency of all processes. All this is combined in a single environment of the Odoo system, which provides full access to the management of leading business processes, which simplifies mutual assistance between branches and allows monitoring of marketing performance.

   In addition, it allows you to set up marketing campaigns, create websites, functional online stores, programs for POS terminals, etc. And there is also the possibility of integration with social networks and other programs.

Odoo is a modular ERP system for business management.
      Even if your company does not need to implement certain functions now, it does not mean that you will not need them after some time. Automation of business processes leads to organization and growth of business and this is the main goal of system developers. In turn, business expansion requires new functions - this is a continuous circle of growth.
    It is the modular system that makes it possible to implement functions when it is needed, thus your company is on the path of continuous development and achieves the desired result.

Advantages of Odoo

Flexible system
The platform is absolutely flexible and can be adjusted to any business processes, taking into account all the customer's requirements.

Ready solution
It has all the necessary and ready-made solutions. This allows you to use them in work without the slightest delay.

Without restrictions
Odoo does not limit the amount of data and works great with the largest databases.

   When is there a need to implement the Odoo system?

    When a company grows rapidly, there comes  time when the existing system does not cope with the tasks assigned to it. Its functionality is lacking: the number of users is small, the functionality is very limited, and the possibility of integration and control of some units was not even foreseen.

   But if the system is flexible and it provides software modules, for example, as in Odoo, then such questions will not catch you by surprise. All you need is to use the necessary functions when the time comes. It is interesting that the integration of functions among themselves will always be available and will not cause any difficulties.

   Areas of implementation

   In any activity, the Odoo platform allows you to optimize business processes, which opens up new opportunities. Each area has its own specifics of work, and each division has a range of functions and services that can be automated with the introduction of the platform.

   Everyone who uses the system knows that it becomes easier to manage a business with the Odoo platform. And, most importantly, the dynamics of the company's growth is positive and this can be checked with the help of analytical data of the system. 

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